14 Odd and Wildly Inappropriate Selfies Celebs Want To Forget About


The Internet is a wonderful thing. Where would we be without it? I mean, not only do we have the opportunity to google literally anything we ever wonder about, and get the information in a fraction of a second. Moreover the Internet inevitably brought us the best invention of all time – social media. Not only can we check on all of our family, friends and even enemies on social media, but we can also get the skinny on celebrities, at least the ones who embrace social media and post pictures on their Instagram or Twitter.

What’s truly awesome about it, is that it’s instant. They decide to post it, and then it stays on the Internet forever. Even if they decide to delete it later, chances are someone already saved it and reposted it. It’s great for us, but probably not so great for impulsive celebs who like to post silly selfies. Since there’s no way for them to take it back. Take a look at this list of odd and wildly inappropriate selfies celebs want to forget about.

1. Chris Pratt probably wishes he didn’t upload this blurry almost naked selfie.

2. Ellie Goulding should’ve learned her lesson about cultural appropriation a long time ago.

3. James Franco went even further than Chris Pratt. I mean, was that really necessary?

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