15 Scariest Bridges in the World


For going on fourteen years, chef Andrew Zimmern has put his stomach and his taste buds to the hazard by traveling to distant lands and trying the local cuisine on shows like Bizarre Foods, Bizarre America and Bizarre World. Of course, he’s not the kind of traveler who’s content to hit a new place and check out its mainstream chicken and rice offerings. No, Andrew Zimmern will eat and mostly pretend to enjoy the weirdest assortment of “food” ever unleashed on planet Earth. Of course, it’s his raw enthusiasm and unbridled curiosity that makes Zimmern such a fun person to follow around. Sure, he might not be classic cool, but the man knows what makes a person really worth watching. Here are just a few things that make him Travel Channel’s most “bizarre” yet excellent host.

1. Even He Has a Limit

Zimmern often finds himself in local homes in his travels, which can be kind of a blessing and curse. On the one hand, some home chefs rival the pros you’d pay hundreds of dollars for. On the other hand, one time Zimmern was “presented with rotted chicken intestines that had discolorations on them.” That was one meal he had to politely decline – but mostly he’s game for anything.

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