Your Favorite Kids From Horror Movies, Then And Now


Remember those little kids in horror movies that you watched when you were yourself a child, making the empathy even more chilling, and causing you to wander into your parents bedroom. Well, just like you, those kids are all grown up and living surprising lives. Find out what they’re up to here.

1. Haley Joel Osment: “The Sixth Sense”
Remember that little cutie Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense who had a knack for seeing dead people? Well, he’s all grown up after attending NYU and still acting in projects like The Spoils of Babylon on IFC. Didn’t turn out as cute as he was back in the day, unfortunately.

2. Daveigh Chase: “The Ring”
We all go through awkward phases as kids, but imagine playing a gross dead girl with super greasy hair who climbs out of a well? Now, Daveigh Chase is all grown up, and definitely has the last laugh – she’s gone blond and is absolutely gorgeous!

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